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Last modified: September 7, 2020
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This is example of the excel sheet you will get after export from system, some other system might need only 1 line of address, here is how you should do it like a pro!

1 Harimau Street #02-16
Blk 3000A Bukit badak street 25 #22-58
100 Tigerlands Ave 5#04-02 Bellewoods
Bukit Tiger west ave 4 blk 407 #04-100
Harimau Central Blk 220B #04-38
Blk 36 Jalan Rumah Panjang#21-5000
80 Lowview Avenue , #08-05 Singapore

For those who needs to separate out the combined address into 2 column, you can refer to the following video

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