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Last modified: November 16, 2022
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A simple use comment picker will help your FB live to have more fun & joy!

How does the comment picker work?

The system will randomly catch the keyword that you have set for your lucky draw including emoji, mandarin, and capital / small letters. But if you’ve set the lucky draw keyword to no space, the customer comment must comply with no space.

Start the comment picker

Step 1: Login to the Boxify system after the Live stream start.


Step 3: Select ‘COMMENT PICKER‘.

Step 4: Key in the system require info

  • Keywords: Key in the keywords that you want to draw from your audience’s comments.
  • Number of picks: The number of winners you want to pick.
  • Show animation: Allow the system to show the profile photo of the customer during the drawing process (by default is active).
  • Get list: You will get the winner name list when you click on this button.
  • Copy: You can copy the winner’s name, and paste it into the comment.

Comment picker demo video:

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