Facebook Jail

Last modified: November 17, 2022
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What is Facebook Jail?

You are considered to be in “Facebook Jail” when Facebook suspends your account’s ability to post or use any other features for a period of time. Facebook does this if something on your page violates their Community Standards for upholding authenticity, safety, privacy, and dignity for all members of the Facebook community. Although sometimes frustrating, it’s important to remember that these standards are in place for very good reasons. 

How long does Facebook Jail last?
Facebook jail can last anywhere from a few hours/days up to a maximum of 21 days or the removal of a profile or page.

What has Boxify FB Live System done on the backend to help avoid Jail?
1) We reduce the auto-like comment on ordering.
2) Delay the speed of the message sent.

How to determine if I am in Facebook Jail?
Unable to perform these actions:
1) Make posts
2) Post comments
3) Like comments
4) Share
5) Add friends
6) You will receive the Blocked message from Facebook

How to avoid Facebook Jail? 
1) Do not upload an image that can easily find on Google or the same image as everyone else.

2) Do not use a Business name as a personal account

  • Personal profiles are for non-commercial use and represent individual people.
  • You can create a Page for a business, organisation or idea.

3) Each human being on the planet can only have ONE Facebook account. 

4) Personal Timeline cannot be used for commercial purposes.

5) Do not promote your business on other business pages or walls without consent. 

6) Do not post anything with “animal names” (cheetah print, leopard print, buffalo top) – instead use an Emoji 🐆(FB Commerce Policies on Animals)

7) Make sure your Facebook account is only signed into a single device (single phone or computer) and not shared with others.

8) Consider using another account that you do NOT post from to connect to Boxify FB Live System. As long as the account logged into Boxify FB Live System is an admin on your page, it does not matter which account is connected.

9) Leave at least a few minutes between every post, If you want to share the same content in multiple groups/pages at the exact same time. Otherwise, you will get thrown into virtual Facebook Jail.

10) Do not repeatedly send the same message to different people or post the same item in different places.

11) Avoid posting, like,or commenting in short succession.

12) Avoid posting your web link to multiple places on Facebook in a short time.

13) Do not send friend requests to people you do not know.

14) Only use one account at a time on a device, or use another account on a different device.

15) Some applications that violate Facebook’s terms can flag your account or get your page taken down. 

16) Only use images you are 100% certain you have permission to use. 

17) Always post the original content. Avoid copying & paste someone’s post or image and reposting.

18) Once released from jail, take it easy for a week. Like real jail, you are on probation once released.

What are some other reasons you might get a Facebook warning or be blocked?
Check out these two links to avoid:
A) Facebook Warnings List
B) Facebook Blocks

What can you do if you are put in Facebook jail? 
1) Report a problem with a Facebook business Page.
2) General how to report things on Facebook
3) Report if your business page has disappeared

My URL is restricted. What do I do now?
Let Facebook know that they made a mistake. You can do this after checking your link here: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/

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