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Last modified: November 17, 2022
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WHEN: Effect since March 4, 2020

WHAT IT IS: Facebook will no longer allow messages to your customers outside of a 24-hour window from when they last interacted. Facebook is doing this to cut down on the spam-bots and unwanted messages on the messenger platform. In the past, a FB user could interact ONE TIME with a messenger bot and then proceed to get messages from said bot at any time of the day, until the end of time, OR until they blocked the page. Now, Facebook will allow unlimited communication within 24-hours of the last interaction (from the last time someone sent you a message on messenger or opt-ed in on the account page) but only a few select messages outside of that 24-hour window (like order updates, or account changes).

WHO: This change is not just affecting Boxify FB Live System. All organizations using the messenger API with Facebook will also be subject to these new rules.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT ME? : When utilizing the mass messaging feature we are unable to guarantee how Facebook will respond and it could increase the risk of FB jail. That said, FB may also simply ignore the requests to send the message to customers who have not interacted with you.

The only constant with Facebook is change. What works today may not work tomorrow. Boxify FB Live system is committed to evolving our software to create the best experience for you and your customers, while also helping you remain compliant with Facebook’s rules. 

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