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Last modified: August 23, 2023
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Marketing Messages allows a Facebook Page to send messages outside the standard messaging window for people who have given you permission to do so. 

Facebook Requirements

No excessive negative feedback from the users

Your app and/or messaging experience must not receive excessive negative feedback from users. Messaging capabilities may be restricted or removed if Facebook determine your app’s messaging experience has received excessive rates of negative feedback from users.

Do not spam users

You must not use Marketing Messages, including opt in requests, to spam users. This includes sending duplicate opt in requests at high frequencies to the same user or users and other types of spam as defined by Facebook’s Developer Policies.


The same topic can only send once a week to a person

You can only send one opt in request per week with the same, specific title to a person. This includes the default value of “Updates and promotions”.

No duplicate opt in requests to a person

Do not send duplicate opt in requests to a person. A duplicate opt in request is defined as having the same title for notifications from a Facebook Page.

Take note: **If you want to send the same opt in request to a person, you might need to change the name of the topic, eg. Promotion 1, promotion 2 and promotion3.

Opt in request can only send to the users that message within 24 hours window

  1. You can only send in opt in requests during the standard messaging window.
  2. If a person opts in to marketing messages, this action does not open a standard messaging window.

Notification not being sent

  1. If a person has chosen to stop receiving marketing messages, your notifications will no longer be delivered to that person and you will receive an error.
  2. A person can block, mute, or report your messaging.
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