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Last modified: August 7, 2023
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The system will by default perform the action to the orders listed below when detecting the online payment made to it.

  1. The orders with the shipping option indicating to ship right after the payment made, such as ‘Ship now’, ‘WM’, ‘EM’, or ‘SG’, etc. will be located in the order status ‘Ready to ship‘ folder.
  2. The orders with the shipping option selected to ‘Ship-later‘ will be located in the order status ‘Paid‘ for continuing to accumulate the orders.
  3. The same payment method will be applied to the orders regardless of the number of times payment is made to it. Unless you have enabled the payment method to be mixed under the SETTING > PARAMETERS > SHOPPING CART.
  4. The orders with the status of “Waiting for Online payment“, meaning the payment is still waiting for verification from Billplz.
    – The order will not allow to stack if under this order status.
    – The status will be changed to paid/ready to ship (depending on the shipping option that the customers selected) if the system detects the payment is made successfully.
  5. For the purposes to prevent order tampering during payment. The order status will be changed to “error_payment_mismatch” when the system found:

A) The order outstanding amount does not equal the payment amount.

B) The order status was not “waiting_for_online_payment” when the customers made an online payment. This means the order status had been amended.

**The order will not allow stacking if under the status “error_payment_mismatch“.

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