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Last modified: November 15, 2022
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The benefits of using waitlists

  • Target the customer

The way the comment selling on Facebook is different from the physical store, as you can easily talk to the walk-in customer, get the contact number, and call them when the stock arrives.

The buying that happens on Facebook is mostly impulsive due to the hot environment that the host created for the audience. Come to the back scene, the merchants will hardly get back the customers if the customers don’t show themselves.

The feature of waitlists is able to help you target the customers who show a big interest in the product.

  • Arrange the purchased quantity in a planned way

When you have the name of the target customers for the product, you can make use of this to well planned the stock-up quantity.

The concept of the Waitlists

Use as a function of Backorder

Scenario 1:
YOYO Boutique likes to use the waitlist feature to manage purchases. The customer, Anna places the order for a dress that is out of stock from YOYO Boutique. Anna will receive a message from YoYo Boutique to ask if she is willing to wait for the new stock to arrive. Anna responds to the message by tabbing the ‘Notify Me’ button. Her name will appear on the waitlist in the system. YOYO Boutique will then blast the message from the system to the customers when the new stock arrives.


  1. The customer places an order for the product with zero stock, He/she will be notified by the system to get consent to put his/her order on the waiting list.
  2. When restocking, merchants can batch-select the customers who are on the waitlist & blast the restock message out with the product’s post link to the customer through messenger.
  3. The customer will receive the restock notification & click the link to the post to place the order.
  4. You can apply the same method to those customers who are willing to receive your live broadcast.

Use as an event notification (Broadcasting)

Scenario 2:
YOYO Boutique will always like to use the waitlist feature as a broadcast tool for reminding all the supporters 30mins before the live start.
During the live, YOYO boutique will always spend a little bit more time asking the customer to comment Follow+1 if they are willing to receive the live stream reminder. So that she is able to blast the live reminder message through the system to the customers that are willing to get the notification.


1. The merchants create a keyword (FOLLOW) with the description of ‘ Exciting offer tomorrow at 8.30 pm. Come to join us!‘. Stock & stock left put ‘0’ and toggle on ‘Allow backorder‘ button.

2. The customer comment ‘FOLLOW + 1‘ & get the notification.
3. The customer taps the button ‘notify me‘ on the notification, which is meant to give consent to the merchant to send them the event notification.
4. 30mins before the event start, the merchant sends the message of event notification to the customer through the waitlists feature.

Follow the Facebook messenger platform policy, this is the safer way to blast messages out to the customers.
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