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Last modified: October 4, 2023
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The benefits of using waitlists

  • Target the customer

The way the comment selling on Facebook is different from the physical store, as you can easily talk to the walk-in customer, get the contact number, and call them when the stock arrives.

The buying that happens on Facebook is mostly impulsive due to the hot environment that the host created for the audience. Come to the back scene, the merchants will hardly get back the customers if the customers don’t show themselves.

The feature of waitlists is able to help you target the customers who show a big interest in the product.

  • Arrange the purchased quantity in a planned way

When you have the name of the target customers for the product, you can make use of this to well planned the stock-up quantity.

Follow the Facebook messenger platform policy, this is the safer way to blast messages out to the customers.
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