Why the system capture the order of 2nd commenter instead of the 1st?

Last modified: June 1, 2020
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We understand that you will feel it’s unfair to your customer when they are in this situation. Yeah, we will feel the same too. But, this scene happen is really beyond our control. Let us explain to you in this way.

Some examples: what you see is that the display order is
1. Wu Pei Li
2. Lily Tai
3. Liu Peiling

However, the time recorded in Facebook is this:

"Created_time": "2020-05-01T12: 27: 39 + 0000",
"Name": "Lily Tai"
"Created_time": "2020-05-01T12: 27: 42 + 0000",
"Name": "Liu Peiling"
"Created_time": "2020-05-01T12: 27: 45 + 0000",
"Name": "Wu Pei Li"

In fact, the real step is :
1) Lily Tai
2) Liu Peiling
3) Wu Pei Li

This phenomenon shows that Facebook cannot guarantee that the comment you sees when you live are in chronological order. WHY? Let us give you a simple science.

After a user issues a comment, it will gradually be like this:
User reviews-> ISP (Unifi, Maxis …)-> Internet-> Facebook (Spam Defense System)-> Facebook database-> Internet-> ISP-> your phone or my server.
To put it simply, the network line cannot be guaranteed in time. Every time an Internet router passes, some will be faster and some will be slower. This can only be seen by luck, and region.

In conclusion, the system can only rely on Facebook to gradually place orders for what it takes first.

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