Help! Customers comment on the correct keyword but could not get the item

Last modified: November 17, 2022
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Why is this happening?

Correct keywords but not getting the item

Usually happened because of situation listed in below.

  1. Keywords are not activated: Make sure the keyword is active before the customer starts commenting.
  2. Zero stock left: Check on the stock left in the Keywords. The system will stop collecting orders when it’s zero stock left.
  3. Restriction on order quantity: Check on the minimum and the maximum quantity in the Keywords. Customers will fail to order if you have set a restriction on the quantity.
  4. Blacklisted: Check on the Contact. The system will not collect the order on blacklisted customers.
  5. Last-minute change stock left quantity: Make sure you have allocated enough stock to the item before selling it. Last-minute changes in the stock left quantity will not only cause the situation to oversold but also the system will not collect the order during the period of change if the stock left is zero.
  6. The comment drop into the 5 minutes buffer period: Repeated comments within 5 mins will not be collected due to anti-spam.
    • Scenario 1: A customer comment keyword A+1 to place the order before the admin activates the keyword. He/she will not get the item due to not active keyword. The customer commented again after the admin activated it a minute later after the 1st comment. The 2nd comment will drop into the 5 minutes buffer period and this will cause the customer cannot get the item.
    • Scenario 2: A customer comment A+1 to purchase the item but a minute later would like to change the qty to 2, so he/she repeats the comment A+1. To solve this, you can consider allowing the customer to remove the wrong order from the cart and comment again with the correct quantity.

Correct keywords and item created in the system but not receiving the order notification

  1. Customer’s privacy setting: Customers have set a strong privacy setting for his/her Facebook account.
  2. Facebook messenger policy: Facebook set a quota for every page to send messages for preventing users exhaust the system. The quota given is decided by the number of users who initiate the text to the page messenger within 24hrs.

To solve this

  1. Ask the customer to type in ‘cart‘ to the page messenger. The system will send over the payment link/shopping cart.
  2. Set the Persistent menu to the messenger for the convenience of the customers to get the payment link/shopping cart.
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