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Last modified: July 2, 2021
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There are multiple ways to obtain the payment link from the system.

As a customer, the customer can request the shopping cart from the system

  1. The Customers can tap on the “My Shopping Cart” button from the order notification in the messenger.
  2. Customer can type “cart” to the page messenger.
  3. Merchant can add the persistent menu in page messenger to encourage the customer to self-check the cart update.
If the merchants have diasable the shopping cart button, the customers will fail to send the request to the system. Please double check from Setting > Parameters > Other settings
Only 1 shopping cart will be sent in 5 minutes to prevent the customer spam the messenger.

As a merchant, you have few ways to send the payment link to the customers

  1. You can tap on the “FB Send” button inside the order

    – If you can’t find the FB button, it means the customers need to break the ice with your page messenger. It’s because of the Facebook messenger change.

    – For those customers who have set the strong privacy setting, you need to send the payment link manually as below.
  2. Click on the order, go to the “MSG” tab, copy the message and send to customer manually.

  3. Go to “Menu -> Tools”, use the feature of “Mass FB Send”. Take note that, the system will only send to the orders with the status “Active”.
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