Waitlists are used as a Backorder

Last modified: October 4, 2023
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Scenario: YOYO Boutique likes to use the waitlist feature to manage purchases.

  1. Anna is a regular customer of YOYO Boutique who has placed an order for a dress that is out of stock from YOYO Boutique.
  2. Anna will receive a message from YoYo Boutique to ask if she is willing to wait for the new stock to arrive after commenting on the keyword+1 during the Facebook live.
  3. Anna responds to the message by tapping the ‘Notify Me‘ button. Her name will appear on the waitlist in the Boxify system.
  4. YOYO Boutique will then blast the message from the system to the customers when the new stock arrives.
  5. Anna will receive the restock notification and click on the link to the Facebook post to comment & place the order.

Convert waitlists into orders

  1. Select Your Waitlists: Choose the waitlists you want to convert into orders. You can pick as many as you like!
  2. Tap “CONVERT“: Look for the “CONVERT” button located at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Follow the Instructions: Once you’ve tapped “CONVERT,” simply follow the easy-to-understand instructions that appear on your screen. They will guide you through the process seamlessly.
  4. Complete Your Order: Enjoy a smooth experience as you complete your order and turn those eager waitlisted customers into satisfied buyers!
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