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Last modified: November 25, 2022
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Comment selling is a kind of new trend business model that is commonly seen in social media like Facebook or Instagram. The high frequency & quality of interaction that happens on social media will bring a higher conversation rate in selling.

How’s Boxify capturing the order?

Boxify has designed a way for Facebook sellers to collect orders seamlessly.

Comment selling is all about Keywords. The customer comments on the correct keyword+quantity on any post or video from the page to place the order.

For seller

Suggestion on Keywords creation

Make the keywords simple & easy:

  • For boutique, you may create it following the sequence of code color size (eg. 6014redM) since most of the customers will remember the product code that they prefer.
  • For groceries, and frozen foods, you may create a short keyword with the same length. Eg A001,A002.

Few notes on keywords

  • Duplicate Keywords: The system will auto-activate the keywords latest created if found duplicate keywords.
  • Order capture based on the comment: The system captures the order base on per comment.
  • Anti-spam: The system has an anti-spam design, in which the same keyword comment within 5 mins, the system will only capture once.
  • Zero stock: The system won’t receive the order if the stock left is zero stock.
  • Outdoor live stream: Comment selling is the perfect tool for you if you have a plan to doing outdoors live. The function of the system to capture the order will amaze you & it will work regardless of your internet speed.
  • Prepare earlier: Prepare the keywords before the live stream start. In any case, you will need to change the keyword during the live stream, the system will need 3-5 seconds to update the change.
  • Adjustment on the stock: The stock quantity will not tally if you adjust it during the time of selling. Because the stock quantity is real-time deductible.
  • Stock deduct: The stock quantity will be deducted when the customers comment on the order. The stock quantity will be added to the stock left when the items/orders have been cancelled.

Few things to take note of when customers comment on the order.

  • If you have set the keyword as AB1.
    Customers must comment on the keyword correctly with or without space.
    Eg: AB1+1, AB1x1, AB1 + 1, AB1 x 1✅
    Eg: A B1+1, AB 1+1, A B 1+1❌
  • Reminding customers to comment a correct quantity after the keyword.
  • Reminding customers about the same comment within 5mins will only be captured once. This is to prevent comments from being spam.
  • Guide your customer to comment like this if they want to order more than 1 item,
    Eg: AB1+1

We strongly advise you to mock the purchase on your page to run through the whole process. With this experience, you can better guide your customers and answer their questions.

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