How to utilize the prefix tag in the keyword description as a kind of promotion tool

Last modified: November 17, 2022
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[PWP] in the product’s description

The item contains this tag will be excluded from the free shipping calculation.

Scenario: If you have the shipping rule set to the purchase up to RM100, will get a free shipping. Purchase below 100 will be charged RM20 shipping fee.

1) The customers purchase the item with the tag of [PWP] up to RM200, the system will include a shipping fee of RM20 in the shopping cart calculation.
2) The customers purchase a total of RM150 in an order but the RM50 from the total price is the price of the item with the tag of [PWP]. The system will not calculate the shipping fee to this order because the total purchase of the item without [PWP] tag is RM100.

[FREESHIPPING] in the product’s description

The whole order will be calculated in free shipping fee when one of the item in the order contains this tag.

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