Waitlists are used as an event notification

Last modified: October 4, 2023
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Event notifications can be Facebook’s live start broadcasting or any event notification that can be sent to interested parties.

Step 1: Create a keyword (FOLLOW) with the description of ‘ Exciting offer tomorrow at 8.30 pm. Come to join us!‘. Stock & stock left put ‘0’ and toggle on ‘Allow backorder‘ button.

Step 2: The customer comments ‘FOLLOW + 1‘ during the live or Facebook post. And he/she will receive a messenger notification.

Step 3: The customer taps the button ‘Notify me‘ on the notification, which is meant to give consent to the merchant to send them the event notification. Customer names will appear on the waitlist in the Boxify system.

Step 4: 30 minutes before the event starts, the merchant sends the message of event notification to the customer through the waitlists feature. (Boxify system – Menu > Waitlists > Select customers > Click the button > Type the message > Click the button ‘Send’.

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