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Last modified: November 25, 2022
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Disable shipping notification message

  • Tick to disable the shipping notification message, the system will not send the shipped notification to the customers.

Disable manual force send shopping cart

  • Force send enables the system to send out messages to customers who are out of 24 hours window. Unfortunately, you might receive a warning from Facebook if Facebook AI detected the users took action on blocking the message. See also Facebook messenger policy.
  • Tick to disable this will prevent to use of this feature unconsciously.

Order notification shows unit price

  • Enable this to allow the product unit price shows in the order notification.

Disable Whatsapp Share button

  • The purpose of the whatsapp share button is to allow customers to share their shopping posts/live with their friends.
  • Tick the check box to disable it, the customer will not able to see the Whatsapp share button shown in the order notification.

Disable Order notification messages

  • Tick this check box, the system will not send the order notification to customers in every successful bid.

Enable Out of Stock Notification

  • If the product stock left is zero, with this check box enable. The system will be able to send the Out of stock notification to the customers.
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