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Last modified: November 24, 2022
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Facebook is the biggest social media connecting people. Facebook live stream with comment selling has become a new platform to expand the business. Nevertheless, the more people selling on Facebook, the more restriction Facebook will do to maintain the platform quality. Complying with the Facebook community standards is essential when performing business on it platform.

With the messenger’s rule changed by Facebook in March 2020, “Facebook will no longer allow messages to your customers outside of a 24-hour window from when they last interacted.” This has caused difficulty to reach your customer for the matter of the following up.


It’s a button for you to send out all the payment links to the customers.

Why there’s a risk to use force send?

FB Button
  • Force send enables the system to send out messages to customers who are out of 24 hours window. Unfortunately, you might receive a warning from Facebook if Facebook AI detected the users took action on blocking the message. See also Facebook messenger policy.

Why require customers to inbox or ice break to the page messenger?


Due to Facebook messenger policy, the customers who initiate the chat with your page messenger will allow the system to send out the messages smoothly.

The alternative way to send the payment link

  1. Manually way by clicking on the order and clicking on the MSG Tab. Copy the payment link and paste it into the messenger.
  2. Ask the customers to type in CART to the page messenger for getting the payment link.
  3. Add the persistent menu to the page messenger. So, the customers will able to get the update by clicking on the menu.
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