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Last modified: November 11, 2022
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It’s the sample flow for your reference to manage the orders. You may change the sequence to manage according to your needs. 2 articles below are strongly suggested to run through before continuing this flow.

Before the live stream

  1. Create and check the keywords/stock you are going to use later.
  2. You can download and print out the keywords by tapping on the top right “Export” button on the keyword page.

During the live strem

  1. Monitor the keywords, the stock left column
Menu > Keywords > Stock left column
If you’re updating the stock left while selling the item. It will cause the stock quantity not tally.

After the live stream

  1. You may send the payment link to the orders under the status “Active’‘.
  2. Check the order receipt under “Paid Order” or “Payments” & do the payment reconcile in the system.
  3. In All orders, Check the shipping option chosen by the customer & mark the order status to ‘Ready to ship’ for preparing shipment, or remain it under ‘Paid’ for the customer to continue shopping to stack the order.
  4. Print out the orders under ‘Ready to ship’ & send them to the warehouse for packing.
  5. Batch change the packed order from ‘Ready to ship’ to ‘Shipped’ when the courier has picked up the parcels. Or, you can bulk upload the tracking number.
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