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Last modified: July 24, 2020
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πŸ’: What should I take note to use Boxify FB Live System?

Having many orders is a good start. But, if you’re not managing the order will only create a big mess to yourselves. To prevent the messy & order stack, Learn how to manage order with Boxify FB Live System.

πŸ’: Which account should I assign to connect to Boxify FB Live System?

1) Assigned a permanant page admin account . **If the admin been removed from page, the connection of the system will be terminated.

2) Not to use the connected page admin account as customer service account to reply customer’s comment. ** Too many of similiar comment in short succession will have the chance to be banned by Facebook.

3) Do not share the connected page admin account. **Facebook will request the account owner to change password when they’ve found this account being used in difference devices. This action will terminate the connection of the system.

πŸ’: Under what situation that the system will auto send message to my customer?

Yes. System will auto generate message to customer under these situations:
1) Order notification : When customer success order the item.
2) Order status notification: When seller mark the order status to “Ready to Ship”
3) Shipping notification: When seller mark the order status to “Shipped”

πŸ’: I’m trying to comment on my page but fail to place the order. Why is this happen to me?

Remember that system won’t capture the order if you’re COMMENTING AS PAGE.

πŸ’: I’m gonna start my first FB live with Boxify, I feel nervous…

Just relax and do as usual. We have some tips for you and you will definitely can do it better!!

How do I get the product output record & total sale?

You can filter from Order items. ADD FILTER>CreatedAt start>CreatedAt end>export to excel>get the summary from excel > Sum the amount in Excel

πŸ’: I have 3 pages in Facebook, how should I switch your system to use for my 3 pages?

My dear, you can sign up each of your page to the system. Because a page can only assigned a system.
πŸ‘‰ Assigned an admin of the page which does not connected to the system to connect your new page.

πŸ’: Can I connect 2-page admin to the Boxify FB Live System?

Yes, you can! But the 2nd connected admin will overwrite the authority of the 1st connected. Therefore, we suggest to use 1 admin only. ** The admin who hold the authority must be a permanant admin of the page.

πŸ’: Why my customer complain that they do not receive order notification after comment keywords?

πŸ‘Ό: There are few possibility that your customer won’t receive order notification.
1) Stock Zero – If you’re using the function of commenting keywords, you must make sure the stock has enough of quantity for your customer to place order. Where to check it?πŸ‘‰Keywords

2) Keyword activation – Please check if you have activated the keyword if you’re use to deactivate keywords after a live.

3) Customers have disable messaging.

4) Customers have deleted the comment.

5) Customers key in wrong keyword format while placing order.

6) Customers have blocked your page.

7) Facebook block your messaging permission.

8) Customer strong privacy setting that cause all the pages cannot PM them.

9) Refer to Facebook policy for more https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/policy

πŸ’: My customer feedback to me that they need to wait for a long time to receive the message of order notification recently.

Facebook has limited the speed of sending the message. You will definitely having this issue when your sale is increasing. We advise not to delete the video immediately after your live to allow all the message to reach your customers.

πŸ’: My customer feedback to me that the shopping cart won’t show up after a few times requesting.

May allow a few second for the system to process the shopping cart to customer. To prevent spam, the shopping cart will only show once regardless how many times of requesting within 5 minutes.

πŸ’: If my customer tends to cancel the order by deleting the comment and place a new comment, how will the system capture the order?

System will capture all orders as long as the customer key in the correct keyword format.

πŸ’: How to organize the description to separate row instead of 3 items squeeze in 1 row? This usually happens when I print out the D/O. It’s difficult for me to arrange the product.

You can use the comma(,) to do it for you. Example : Set A, Japan Scallop 30/40 1kg, crab meat (400g) 2pkt, Sotong flower 1 kg. Type your description in this way can help you to separate the row for the items.
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